It Won’t Last

Week One is done. I thought the best way to be accountable is to post the screenshot from my Fitbit app. I’ll post that every Monday morning along with a brief comment about one of the days from the week.

Monday was Labor Day. It was also Day 3 in this 20k One Year Step Challenge. (20,000 steps every day for a year. No breaks.) We had our son and his family over for dinner. I made salmon with a very nice garlic and butter sauce served over a bed of brown rice. One of my favorite meals…

Before we ate my son casually mentioned how a mutual friend of ours thought this 20k challenge was pretty cool. My son’s response, “It won’t last.” He actually told me that. My son quickly added that he also told our friend he was confident I would keep getting the 20,000 steps every day. He just doesn’t believe the daily updates will last.

If you haven’t seen them, I’ve been posting updates every morning on Facebook and Instagram with how many steps I got the day before and a picture of something I saw during my walk that I’m grateful for. In fairness to my son, I’ve been largely absent from social media for years. To believe that I’m now going to post something every day probably feels like a stretch.

But, I also think there’s more. My son and his five siblings grew up with me as their dad. They got used to me announcing new family initiatives that inevitably faded away after a week or two. “It won’t last” is sadly part of my character. But, it’s something I’m changing.

I’ve realized that most of those pronouncements were emotionally motivated. Inevitably, there was a problem I was trying to solve or something I was excited about doing as a family. But, once the emotions faded I wasn’t left with much else to carry it out.

I still love the emotional “high” at the beginning of a project or new adventure, like this 20k One Year Step Challenge. But, I’ve added a question on the front end before I make a final decision to move forward with projects. “What will this look like in six months? What about a year from now?”

In other words, what will 20,000 steps feel like in the middle of winter when I’m fighting a cold. How much enthusiasm will I have to create daily updates if nobody cares? The answer is simply, I made a commitment to myself and that’s more important than I feel at any given moment.

I didn’t respond to my son’s comment on Monday. There really is nothing I can say. I’ll simply have to let my actions through next August speak for me.

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