3 Things Happened During Week Two

It was a hard week. Yet, the circumstances that made it challenging actually were helpful in reaching at least 20,000 steps every day.

Here are three things that happened this week:

  1. Difficult News – This was early in the week. I’m not at liberty to share the details, but it’s the kind of phone call you never forget. The news also created some low level anxiety. This is the kind that doesn’t paralyze me, but it simply hangs on like a loose fitting light weight hoodie. Not too heavy, but I can still feel it. Long ago I discovered the best medicine for this kind of anxiety is movement. So, I did a lot of walking. And, that’s pretty helpful when you’ve publicly set a goal of getting 20,000 steps every day. But, there’s more to it than just a number on my Fitbit. I’ve discovered that I’m also better able to think through challenges when I’m out for a walk. The movement not only calms me, but also brings greater clarity to whatever I’m facing.
  2. Clouds and Rain – The entire week here in Maryland was cloudy and wet. I don’t do cloudy days well…especially when hard news is part of the week. It’s the kind of combination that drains my motivation to do much of anything. Thankfully, getting out and walking really helps. It not only calmed the anxiety, but also restored some energy and motivation. And, because the weather was wet, a couple of my longer walks this week happened in the rain. I’ve got some water tight Under Armour trail shoes and an Orioles Grounds Crew jacket that kept me fairly dry. Instead of being inside complaining about how the sun has gone missing I actually had fun walking in the rain. It also beat walking around my kitchen in circles to hit 20,000 steps. 
  3. Life Insurance – A couple weeks ago I had a physical for a new life insurance policy. I received an email this week saying the policy has been approved, but I needed to talk with Trent first about a couple issues. I did. Turns out Trent is a salesman with the company and he wanted to offer me a bigger policy. My physical indicated I’m in pretty good shape and will likely live a long time. Trent told me the underwriter was willing to offer me even more insurance for more than double the term I had applied for. Of course, my premiums would be higher if I took the offer, but they were still a whole lot less than the company would have to pay if I died while the policy was in force. In other words, the life insurance company was willing to bet a ton of money that I would be healthy for a long time. Trent said, “whatever you’re doing keep doing it!” Good advice. I think I’ll go get a bunch of steps.

So, that’s Week Two of my 20k One Year Step Challenge. I’m now working on Week Three. The weather is supposed to improve. I’m really looking forward to that. There are a couple days this week with some longer meetings not associated with work. Those days will require a little more planning and a lot of intentionality to reach 20,000 steps. I’ll let you know next Monday how it goes. 


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