How You Can Use The Holidays For a Fitness Win

Christmas is my favorite day of the year, but not for the obvious reasons. That is, unless you think Cheesy Hash Brown Casserole is an obvious reason.

For many years we have hosted up to 30 people on Christmas morning for brunch. It’s a fun mix of family and friends. The group has changed over the years, but the menu hasn’t. Well, at least one item hasn’t.

Ava’s Cheesy Hash Brown Casserole.

It’s the only time of year Ava makes it and it’s the one thing that everybody insists is on the buffet table Christmas morning. But, three years ago, we gave our guests a little scare when they arrived and Ava wasn’t there. She was at the hospital with our daughter who was in labor.

While everyone was obviously thrilled about that, there was concern that the Cheesy Hash Brown Casserole wasn’t on the menu. No worries, because I had been tasked with the job and thankfully I nailed it. Judah was born and Ava came home and wanted a plate of…you guessed it. We also made sure to set some aside for Grace and her husband to enjoy once they were home too.

Hosting Christmas brunch is a lot of work and has become an all-day thing. We open gifts, play games and eat leftovers later in the afternoon. This year it will be more of the same and I can’t wait.

I will also get at least 20,000 steps that day. It’s part of this 20k One Year Step Challenge (you can check out a daily update HERE). There are no breaks…including holidays. I don’t know, yet, how exactly I’m going to get all those steps, but I know I will.

If you’re considering a daily step goal in 2019 I have a recommendation. Use the holidays as an opportunity to get a “pre-season” win before it starts for real on New Year’s Day.

In a blog post, last week, I wrote about how important it is to build a chain of fitness wins. So many of us have a history of fitness fails and becomes an inner voice that’s hard to replace when we start a new goal. (That blog is an easy read and you can check it out HERE)

If you have a history of fitness fails, and you’re hoping to turn that around in 2019, the holidays are an opportunity to give yourself a head start.

Here’s why.

Most of us see the holidays as a break from fitness goals. These special days are rare jewels on the calendar when we can relax and enjoy fun time with family and friends. Who wants to think about how many steps are on the Fitbit? After all, you only get these days once a year and your fitness isn’t going to tank by taking one day off, is it? Of course not!

But, here’s the thing. If you’re going to start building a chain of fitness wins in 2019 you will encounter days where it’s a challenge to meet your goal. It might be a demanding schedule, or an unexpected emergency, or you’re just too tired from a long, hard day.

Those are the days when that voice in your head relentlessly reminds you of all your fitness fails followed by how it won’t kill you to miss a day.

And, then you sit.

The following day you start a new chain and resolve THIS TIME it will be different. Except you have no confidence that it will be.

Here’s where the holidays offers you a little gift. Do you know what your daily step-goal will be in 2019? If so, go for it early when it will be a challenge and don’t quit.

Then, at some point, after you start your fitness chain for real you’ll hit that first hard day…that day when you want to quit and guess what? You can throw your “pre-season” win at that little voice in your head.

“See, I can do it…here’s the proof!!”

The holidays are coming. Why not give yourself a little gift. It’ll return the favor when you really need it.

If you want to win at fitness having a daily step-goal can be just the thing you need to turn your fitness fails into fitness wins. This blog can help you do that…even if your goal isn’t 20,000 steps. In fact, I would never encourage anyone to start there. Click the FOLLOW button (below if you’re reading this on your phone…to the right and above if you’re on a computer) and you’ll get a notice the moment each blog is posted on Monday and Wednesday mornings.

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