How to Build Momentum So You Can Win at Fitness

I set three goals for 2019. Noticeably missing this year is a fitness goal…something I’ve included for as long as I can remember. 

The reason for that is directly tied to Part Five of this plan to help you Win At Fitness. If you’re just discovering this, here’s a brief recap.

The first part is all about how we start our journey to fitness. We are often motivated by the desire to get healthier and stronger. We’re feeling the emotional fuel and we start BIG. Sadly, that’s the worst thing you can do because it’s just not sustainable after the emotions fade. So, Part One makes the argument that we need to Start Small. You can read the entire article HERE.

Coupled with the desire to start BIG is the expectation for quick results. That always leads to disappointment. Fitness is not a quick thing…it’s a lifelong thing. Part Two helps us reframe our desire to reach the finish line fast. You can read more HERE.

Part Three addresses the shame of past fitness failures. Most of us have tried to do this fitness thing more than once…and failed. Shame follows, but the good news is that it’s possible to turn around a lifetime of fitness failure. It’s all about building a chain of fitness wins…one step at a time…one day at a time. More on that HERE.

Even when you’re moving forward, adding links to your chain of fitness, there will still be times when you want to quit. Maybe you’re tired, or an unexpected circumstance disrupts your schedule, or it just feels too hard. Part Four (HERE) gives you 5 weapons to help you keep going when all you feel like doing is quit.

That brings us to Part Five…the fuel that will keep your fitness engine running for a long, long time.

A few weeks ago, several of us here at the radio station got an email of congratulations. Every year there is a competition to win two extra vacation days. That’s given to the three employees who have the most annual steps on our Fitbit. This year, Katie was one of the winners. It was her first time making the top three.

Katie was excited. But, as much as she’ll enjoy those extra two days, I think she is even more excited about something else. She’s got some serious momentum going. Katie set a daily step target for 2018 and never quit. This year she increased her target 1,000 steps a day and she’s cruising.

And, that’s Part Five.

Do More

As your strength and fitness grow you can gradually increase your target. This is what I have done for six years. This is what Katie’s doing. And, this is what you need to build momentum that will eventually make fitness a part of your lifestyle instead of this “other” thing you have to get done three times a week.

But, the increase needs to be gradual. If you overshoot and raise your target too high, you can actually kill your momentum. The increased target and the building momentum work together so you need to handle both with great care.

Here’s how to implement Do More.

Every 90 days raise your target between 250-500 steps. You’ll feel the challenge in the first few weeks, but as you acclimate your new target will start to feel easier and easier. By the end of 90 days you’ll be ready to move that target up another notch. Do this for one year. After that your momentum and fitness level will be enough to increase your target even higher than 500 steps a day if you choose.

You can chart your progress using this 90 Day Win Tracker. Use a new tracker for every target increase. Just fill out these two boxes and I’ll send it to you right now…FREE.

As you Do More you keep getting stronger and your momentum will start to move like a flywheel. It’ll go faster and faster and the mental effort will feel less and less. That’s the real battle for fitness. It’s not physical. It’s a head game. And, momentum is the fuel for keeping this going for a long, long time.

I’ve always included some sort of fitness goal for the upcoming year. For the first time ever I didn’t this year. I realized I no longer need it. I’m going to get my 20,000 steps regardless of whether it’s a written goal or not. I’m also going to do my high intensity 20 minute cardio workout every morning and strength training four times a week. I don’t need a written goal to make those happen either. The momentum is there and all of this is now a part of my daily lifestyle just like eating, sleeping, and going to work. I also don’t have written goals for those.

My goal for you is that one day you won’t need a written fitness goal either. This Five Part Plan will help you Win at Fitness and soon your momentum will be flying.

If you’re not there yet Goal: 20,000 Steps can help. Next week we tackle the biggest problem we all face before that momentum is cruising. Lost motivation. Ugh. It feels so bad when it happens. What can you do? Well, if you click the FOLLOW button (below if you’re reading this on a phone or to the right and above if you’re on a computer) and you’ll get that article as soon as it’s published.

Start Small

Think Long

Add Links

Never Quit

Do More

You’ve got this. Now, go Win at Fitness.

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