Does Your Fitbit Spark Joy?

This is the question Marie Kondo has people asking about their possessions. If the answer is no then thank it and throw it out. Her series on Netflix is motivating a lot of us to go through everything we own and keep only those things that make us feel warm and positive.

Does your Fitbit make you feel that way? Does it spark joy?

For me the answer is an easy yes. There are few things I’ve ever owned that spark as much joy as my Fitbit. I got my first one six years ago and it has changed my life. (I won’t go into detail about that now, but you can read about it HERE)

But, for some their Fitbit doesn’t spark joy. It might even spark discouragement and shame…or simply no feeling at all. Been there…tried that…didn’t work. If that’s you, may I ask you to try something? What follows are some of the reasons why this happens…why the Fitbit joy isn’t sparking. If one (or more) of these apply to you, would you consider trying a different approach?

Your Goal Was Too High

If your first Fitbit came with a nice dose of excitement then it’s very possible your daily goal was set too high. We’ve all heard the number 10,000 thrown about as a good target. And, it is. But, for most people it’s way too high to start.

Here’s what typically happens. I call it The First Day Fitbit Surprise. With loads of motivation and enthusiasm you put on your first Fitbit expecting to rock that 10,000 mark because you feel like you move ALL day long. What happens at the end of the day is a surprise, if not a shock. The number on your Fitbit is way lower then you expected.

You’re surprised, but you really shouldn’t be. The average American gets less than 4,000 steps a day. But, hey…you’re not average so you set your goal at 10,000 and went for it. That might have lasted for a couple weeks until your fading emotions collided with the extra effort you needed every day to reach the goal. Eventually you just gave up.

Here’s the thing…for any fitness activity to last you MUST start small. That includes the daily goal you want to see on your Fitbit. The real goal at the beginning is to establish the habit. And, for that to happen the goal must be small. It won’t stay there forever, but for at least 90 days. If a goal that was too high crushed your Fitbit joy would you consider a restart? For more about how to set the proper goal click HERE

You Didn’t See Any Results

You had a goal and reached it every day, or at least most days. But, the results you were hoping for, even expecting, never materialized. After a while, you figured it’s just not worth the effort and either gave up or tried something else.

Most of us over estimate what we can accomplish in the short term, but way under estimate what we can accomplish in the long term. The key is to understand the finish line isn’t where you expect it is. In fact, it’s even more likely that the finish line you’re aiming for isn’t even the right finish line.

This was a huge revelation for me. I started “exercising” because I needed to turn around some health and weight issues. What I didn’t understand was the real goal was establishing a fitness lifestyle that would last much longer. Once I grabbed ahold of that concept, it changed everything. Start Small. Think Long.

If your Fitbit joy evaporated with unmet expectations would you consider a restart with a different finish line in mind? More about that HERE

It Was a Hassle

Establishing a new habit is never easy. With a Fitbit you have to remember to wear it, remember to keep it charged, even remember where you took it off. Oh, and then there’s the little thing of remembering to check it during the day to see if you’re on track to reach your goal. It can be a hassle.

Perhaps you’ve heard it takes 30 days to create a new habit. That’s a myth. Research indicates to can actually take anywhere from 66 to 254 days. That means you have to endure the hassle a whole lot longer than you expected before the Fitbit becomes a real habit.

You need time for the Fitbit habit to establish and then for some momentum to build before you start to feel that joy. It also helps to have a tool to track your progress and help you be accountable to yourself.

That’s really what it takes to establish a new habit…holding yourself accountable.

If your Fitbit joy disappeared in the hassle, would you consider making a 90 day commitment to retry making it a habit? If so, there are two things you can do. I’ve created the 90 Day Win Tracker to help you with this. It’s free!

Secondly, there’s something pretty powerful about building a chain of fitness wins. It will help you overcome that feeling of “this is a hassle”. You can read more HERE.

You Lost Your Motivation

Motivation is a tricky thing. It can feel so strong at the start of a new thing and then a month later it’s all gone. That’s actually not motivation. That’s emotion. Although that feels great when you start a new goal, it never lasts. Emotion is a really bad fuel for a new journey.

What you need is the right motivation. It’s really about finding your deepest WHY. And, your deepest WHY is rooted in what you value, not how you feel.

If it feels like a lack of motivation extinguished your Fitbit joy, would you consider a restart with a new and deeper WHY? If so, click HERE

It Got Boring

I love walking. I love the challenge of reaching my daily goal of 20,000 steps. Each day is different which makes the path to the target different each day too. To be clear, I even enjoy the feeling of walking. I just love it.

But, not everybody is me. Maybe you wore the Fitbit, established a habit, reached a daily goal, and even saw results, but you’re just getting bored with it all now. Two possibilities for you.

The first is you may need to turn walking into a game and your Fitbit into a game tracker. That’s what I’ve done with this 20k One Year Step Challenge. If this sounds like just what you need to find the joy, would you consider clicking the FOLLOW button? Next week you’ll get a new article with specific ways you can make tracking your steps a game.

Secondly, and it pains me to write these words, maybe walking just isn’t your thing. It’s functional…it helps you get from here to there, but as a fitness activity you need something different. If that’s the case, your Fitbit will never spark joy. You need to pursue fitness in a different way. That’s crucial if you want fitness to become a lifestyle. More about that HERE

If one of these five reasons describes your faltering Fitbit journey then why not give it another try before you thank your Fitbit and toss it in the trash.

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