It’s Halftime!

My daily goal is at least 20,000 steps. I started this chain on September 1, 2018. The challenge is to do a full year without a day off. I just finished Week 26. I’m halfway there.

So, here at the midway point I thought it would be fun to re-live five of my favorite pictures from the Daily Update (HERE) and what I’ve learned over the last six months.

Day 31 – Monday, October 2, 2018

31Judah and Joey are two of our grandchildren. We watch them for a few hours each Monday afternoon. On this day I planned in advance to take them on a long walk. I was going to get a good chunk of my 20,000 steps doing this. Great plan, except Joey wasn’t on board. After about five minutes we turned back and headed for home. I would have to get my steps some other way.

20,000 steps doesn’t just happen. Every day I need to be intentional and I need a plan. But, I’m also learning how to be flexible when circumstances don’t work the way I think they will. It’s a great lesson for more than just reaching my daily step goal.

Day 161 – Thursday, February 7, 2019

161I’ve begun the long process of cleaning out our basement. This includes some precious family heirlooms. On this day I discovered a handful of letters my grandfather wrote to his mother when he was 10 years old. I had no idea he called her Mama. Ironically, my grandson also calls his mother, Mama. What a sweet coincidence.

It also was a reminder of how generations are connected in ways we don’t often realize. They never met, but my grandfather’s life is impacting my grandson…his great-great grandson. Generations don’t exist in a vacuum…neither do our daily decisions and actions. What I do today, including this 20k Challenge, will have an impact on generations I will never meet.

Day 120 – Saturday, December 29, 2018

120This is my favorite picture from the first six months. We live less than an hour away from the US Capitol. I love spending time walking around DC. On this particular morning I got up early enough so I could take a picture of the sunrise behind the Capitol Dome. As I was walking to get that shot I looked out over the National Mall and saw this. It was far better than what I came for.

This is one of the things I love about walking for fitness. I’m not stuck inside a gym. There’s so much beauty in the world around me. And, getting 20,000 steps a day gives me plenty of opportunities to enjoy it. To be clear, I don’t do all my walking outside, but I do as much as I can and that leads to moments like this.

Day 111 – Thursday, December 20, 2018

111The moment our youngest daughter, Emma, told us our job as Parental Chauffeurs had ended. She was so nervous before she took her driver’s test, confident she was going to fail. I tried to encourage her, but it didn’t matter…she was convinced the outcome wouldn’t be good. That made this moment all the sweeter.

My intentional pursuit of fitness is now part of my lifestyle. It is no longer “exercise” or this “other thing” I need to work into my schedule. This 20k Challenge is a fitness activity that happens along with life’s other activities, like teaching Emma how to drive and then enjoying the the moment it all came together.

Day 40 – Wednesday, October 10, 2018

10:15:18Ten days after I started this 20k One Year Step Challenge my wife, Ava, received a call from the doctor. Her biopsy was positive. She had breast cancer. There would be three more biopsies before the surgeon was able to operate. That happened on Day 40. 

Most of this 20k One Year Step Challenge has taken place in the shadow of cancer. Ava is now post-radiation and the long term prognosis is excellent. She has handled all of it with an inner strength I admire.

There were many anxious days, especially early on, when a lot was still unknown. I felt that. It was important for me to keep moving. Along with prayer, walking was the thing that kept me calm. I knew when the anxiety started to rise I needed to move. I learned that I can handle life’s challenges better when I have time to walk, think, and pray. I’m sure this won’t be the last opportunity to put that in practice.

That’s a look back at the first half of this 20k One Year Step Challenge. The best part has been the notes and messages from readers who are also moving more. They are starting small and building new habits. They are adding to their fitness chain every day.

I’ve also heard from readers who are moving towards fitness from a place of darkness and they are beginning to feel better. That makes all of this worth it. They inspire me!

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