There’s a NEW Step (and more) Tracker!

I just bought the new Fitbit and it hasn’t even been released yet.  Fitbit has unveiled their newest step tracker, the Inspire HR . It replaces the Flex2 and the Alta. Both of those models have disappeared from the Fitbit website.

I learned of the newest Fitbit just days ago when an ad popped up on my app as I was checking my step totals. Usually I ignore these, but not this time. I clicked, I saw, and I bought!

Sat 3.8.19.I was hooked because the new Inspire HR combines the features of my two favorite Fitbit devices…the Flex2 and the Blaze Watch…into one great looking step tracker!

(So you’re aware…the links provided take you to Amazon. If you purchase an Inspire HR I will get a small commission to help cover the cost of this blog. It won’t cost you any extra. If you’re not comfortable with that, feel free to open a separate browser for Amazon)

The Inspire HR is a slim device just like the Flex2. I like that. The Inspire HR also will track my heart rate and sleep cycles just like my Blaze. I really like that!

But, there’s more. Fitbit says the Inspire HR battery will last up to five days. That’s a big improvement over the two devices I currently use. The Inspire HR can also be worn around my wrist or can be used as a clip-on device. Fitbit is offering several band colors. I chose black.

And, here’s what ultimately sold me on the Inspire HR . The Inspire Family is the new entry level step tracker for Fitbit. That means it comes with entry level prices. There are two versions. The Inspire is the least expensive, but it does not track heart rate or sleep cycles. For those features I was willing to pay a little more for the Inspire HR .

I pre-ordered the Inspire HR . Amazon says it ships on March 15. I’m not sure it will make my 20,000 steps a day goal any easier, but it’ll probably make it more fun.

I’ll follow up with a review in a few days.

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