The Easiest Week of My 20k One Year Step Challenge

I wanted coffee, but nothing was open yet. The Roasted Bean would have been, but it was Sunday…the one day of the week they are closed. “This really shouldn’t be that difficult,” I thought.

That’s how Week 31 of this 20k One Year Step Challenge started. (Daily Update HERE) My goal is at least 20,000 steps every day for a year with no breaks. Even though I had a hard time finding that coffee, the week itself was one of the easiest and most fun of this Challenge.

I’ve had a few tough weeks along the way. There was the week my wife had breast cancer surgery (HERE). A few weeks later I encountered three separate issues that made getting 20,000 steps each day very difficult (HERE). And, then recently, I had a week that included three 15-hour work days (HERE). That might have been the hardest one of all.

But last week was easy and fun because I spent half of it in Myrtle Beach, SC. Ava and I flew down on Saturday and stayed with her dad and his wife. They have a new home a few miles from the beach. It’s also about a mile from Market Common…a shopping area with fun stores and a bunch of restaurants.

The entire area is super walking friendly…and I took full advantage of it!

After we arrived early Saturday afternoon, Ava went for a run and I went exploring. I walked to Market Common to search out a coffee shop that would fuel my mornings. That’s when I discovered The Roasted Bean. It looked delightful, but would be closed the next day. No worries. There had to be more than one coffee shop. I determined finding one would be my Sunday morning quest. I would head out early and discover coffee. I would conquer this challenge!

Five days a week my alarm goes off at 2:20a. That’s what happens when you do morning radio. On the weekends, or vacation, I don’t set the alarm and am usually up by 5a. Most people call that disgusting. I call it sleeping in. Anyhow, I was awake early on Sunday and out the door before 6a.

IMG_2150I decided I would head to the ocean just a few miles away. Myrtle Beach is a pretty active community so I wasn’t the only one up early. I loved that walk to the beach. Honestly, it could have been five miles away and I would have enjoyed every step.

My plan was to see the ocean and then find a coffee shop. The beach is our happy place and I hadn’t been in almost a year, so that first glimpse of the waves with the sound of seagulls overhead was much anticipated. I got there just past sunrise and it was gorgeous. I stood there just soaking it in. But, I still needed my coffee.

I figured if I walked along Ocean Avenue I was sure to find something. I headed north expecting certain victory at any moment. But, there was nothing. Actually, there were a bunch of big hotels that probably had restaurants, but I was not in the mood to buy an expensive breakfast so I could also enjoy an expensive cup of coffee. I probably walked a half mile north before doing what my friend Steve would have done before leaving the house.

Steve is part of our morning radio team. More than anybody else I know, he has integrated his iPhone seamlessly into every area of life. He would have found the coffee shop before leaving the house and placed an order so it would be waiting for him. That felt too easy…plus I still enjoy the challenge of discovering things on my own, but I was failing miserably. So, I pulled out my phone.

I clicked Google Maps and touched the coffee icon. I quickly learned there were no easy places to get a single cup of coffee nearby. But, if I was willing to walk a few blocks away from the ocean I could get my coffee and more from Waffle House.

I was willing.

Two cups of coffee, pecan waffles and several strips of bacon later I was satisfied. It was my first experience at a Waffle House and I loved it. With coffee conquered I walked back to the beach to enjoy another view of the ocean before heading to the house a few miles away.

The rest of my time in Myrtle Beach was just as fun with lots of steps on my Fitbit Inspire HR. If every week were this easy I might have to up this to a 30k One Year Step Challenge. But, of course they are not so I’ll stick to 20,000.

It also was a great reminder of one of the benefits of walking for fitness. It’s so portable. I can walk anywhere. The world is my gym and that makes this (in my opinion) the best fitness activity available.

I didn’t start at 20,000 steps a day. Not even close. If you want to make walking your primary fitness activity the best place to start is where you are right now. Don’t supersize your goal. Make those increases slow and steady.

Of course, we constantly hear that if you track your steps then 10,000 should be your daily goal. But, getting even 10,000 steps a day is hard. Don’t be discouraged if you’ve tried to reach 10,000, but gave up because it simply feels like too much.

I’ve put together a step by step guide to reaching 10,000 in a way that is easy and best of all will last. It will help you make fitness part of your lifestyle and build momentum. It’s yours free!

Staying motivated is also hard. This blog is all about helping you Win at Fitness. If you click FOLLOW (below on your phone…to the right and above if you’re reading on your computer) I’ll help you stay motivated and Win at Fitness. You really can do this. 

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