How I Finally Got Fitness to Stick

It felt really weird. I was the only person in the gym. Apparently, no one else was wanted to exercise at 4am. I had a new fitness goal and was highly motivated to get it done before work.

Not surprisingly, that motivation didn’t last long. It also wasn’t the first time a fitness goal didn’t stick. I’ve tried biking for fitness, body-weight strength training, running, and several different attempts at a gym membership.

Almost seven years ago I finally found a fitness activity that stuck. Walking.

I know…walking doesn’t really feel like a fitness activity. But, it is! The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention recommends between 150 and 300 minutes of moderate physical activity each week. If you’re walking at a least 1,000 steps in ten-minutes then you are in that moderate range of activity!

And, the beauty of walking for fitness is how sustainable it is. I do it EVERY DAY. All it took was getting my first Fitbit. Setting a daily step goal transformed my thinking about walking and fitness. Now, every step I take is a fitness activity. That includes grocery shopping, cutting the grass, even walking to a colleague’s office to answer an email they just sent me.

But, it doesn’t stop there. Walking has created serious fitness momentum. Some of those fitness activities I failed at before are now part of what I do. And, it’s getting easier to make changes to what I eat. Fitness momentum is powerful stuff.

For years I wanted fitness and health transformation, but failed. I’d set a big goal and be “all in” as evidenced by my 4am gym workout. Within weeks, I’d be “all out.” This happened over and over. My emotional fuel always ran dry.

What made fitness stick was finding an activity I enjoyed and turning it into a daily habit. That eventually builds powerful momentum!

To help you get started on your fitness journey…one that will finally stick…I’ve created The STEPfit Plan.

The STEPfit Plan is easy to understand and easy to follow. It will guide you through the first 30 days of your new fitness journey. And, no, it doesn’t require getting 10,000 steps a day. In fact, that might be the worst possible starting place.

The STEPfit Plan is customized to start at the best place for you! After the first 30 days, you’ll move to the next level to keep that momentum building!

If you’re tired of fitness that doesn’t stick, The STEPfit Plan is for YOU and it is free.

I also recommend buying a Fitbit step tracker if you don’t already have one. Sure, you can walk for fitness without a Fitbit, but if you do you’ll be missing a huge benefit. Tracking my steps was transformational I believe it will be the same for you.

There are several models you can choose from, but I recommend the Fitbit Inspire HR. It’s the one I use and I love it. The Fitbit Inspire HR looks and feels great. And, it not only counts my steps, but also tracks my sleep and heart rate.


(By the way…if you use this link to purchase a Fitbit Inspire HR this blog will receive a small commission. That will not affect the price you pay)

The STEPfit Plan and a new Fitbit Inspire HRwill help you get started on a fitness journey that will last. This blog can also help you stay motivated. Each week there is a new article with stories, inspiration and practical suggestions to keep your fitness momentum moving forward and growing. Just click the FOLLOW button (below on your phone…to the right and above on your computer) and you’ll get each weekly article the moment it’s posted.

If you’ve endured a chain of fitness failures it’s time to begin a new chain today. You can Win at Fitness and we’ll help you get there one step at a time!

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