Sitting Isn’t Mandatory

I do a lot of sitting on the weekends during January. I love watching the NFL playoffs which gives me three weekends with multiple games before the Super Bowl in early February. The first two weekends are especially rich with four games each. I’m in front of the TV a LOT.

My first Fitbit changed the way I look at fitness. Tracking my steps helped me realize that fitness is an all-day thing. I used to think of fitness as a separate activity that I planned for…like going to the gym, or out for a run, or bike ride.

The most recent research from The Centers for Disease Control indicates even light physical activity is beneficial. In other words, putting away laundry, taking the trash out, or making dinner has fitness implications.

Certainly, intensity is a factor in how much benefit we get, but the CDC now says that ALL movement matters. All the walking I do helps my fitness level…not just the 30 minute walk through my hilly neighborhood. My Fitbit is a daily reminder to move more and sit less.

My first Fitbit also changed the way I look at time. I didn’t take long for me to figure out that if I walk for ten minutes I can get 1,000 steps. Fitness used to require a large block of time for me. If I went to the gym I’d have to arrange 90 minutes in my schedule. After a while that feels burdensome.

But, combining the attitude of fitness as an all-day activity with the knowledge that 1,000 steps are there for the taking whenever I had ten minutes of free time was revolutionary for me.

If you’re doing The 30 Day New Year Fitness Challenge you are creating a fitness habit. Additionally, these 30 days also present a great opportunity to recognize fitness opportunities you’ve never even considered.

Yes, I sit and watch a lot of football in January. There were four games this past weekend and four more this coming weekend. Did you know the average NFL game on TV includes one hour of commercials? I love football, but not the commercials.

That 60 minutes during each game is an opportunity for 6,000 steps. When they go to commercials I get up and walk.

You probably have similar opportunities in your life. Things that you sit through when you really don’t have to. To help see these opportunities, I’ve put together a list of 57 different ways you can get 1,000 steps. In other words…57 ten-minute opportunities to get up and move.

It’s totally free and yours right here.

I’m hopeful that this 30 Day Challenge will not only help you establish a fitness habit, but also recognize that sitting is NOT mandatory. It’s a choice.

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  1. While I was waiting for my husband at the doctors office the other day I walked around the waiting room because I knew he be coming out any minute and I got in over 3000 extra steps that day. I’m not sure what the few people that were in the waiting room we’re thinking but I was OK with it. LOL

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