Let It Rain

The forecast was bad. When Sunday finally arrived the weather was even worse than predicted.

About four weeks earlier, my daughter Emma said she wanted to take me to a Ravens game as my Christmas present. I’m a huge fan and this season has been magical with Lamar Jackson at quarterback.

When Emma told me her plan there were still five home games remaining and together we picked the one against the San Francisco 49ers on December 1st. I figured that would be a good game and the weather should still feel like late fall which can be mild and sunny.

Truthfully, I’m a fair weather fan. I marvel at fans who sit through a three hour game in brutal cold, rain, or snow. I prefer watching the game on TV in my living room. It’s climate controlled and I have a better view of the action. There are also no lines in the bathroom.

A week before the game both teams were on a roll and lots of people were calling this match up between the Ravens and the 49ers a Super Bowl preview. It was a HOT ticket around town. The seats Emma bought weeks earlier were now worth $400 more than she paid. There was no temptation to sell them because we were both very excited about the game.

And, then I started checking the weather forecast.

At first there was a slim possibility for a little rain. But, each day that possibility grew until it reached 100%. But, even worse was how much rain. Every day the predicted total grew as well. And, it was going to be cold!

Beautiful. (notice how I just used the sarcasm font)

But, I was determined to fully enjoy the gift my daughter was giving me. This was her first Ravens game and she was looking for to spending time with her dad watching a team we both loved. I was NOT going to let the weather change that one bit!

Thanksgiving was three days before the game. We hosted almost 30 people at our house, including my sister and her boyfriend who is a police officer in charge of security for every Ravens game. He knows how to handle the weather. I asked his advice.

The next day I went shopping for rain gear that would protect me from head to toe. I got the same for Emma too.

It was cold and raining Sunday morning which was a blessing. That meant I got to test out my plan. I put on my rain suit and boots and went for a long walk around the neighborhood. I came home dry and warm.

It rained hard the entire game. The temperature never got above 40 and the winds were stronger than they predicted. Yet, Emma and I had a great time. The game ended with a last second field goal giving the Ravens another huge win.

If you’re doing The 30 Day New Year Fitness Challenge and you’re like me, bad weather keeps you from enjoying fitness outside.

But, attending that Ravens game in my least favorite weather conditions might have changed that. Emma and I had a great time. The weather actually made it even more memorable…and special.

Moving forward, I have a new appreciation for what I used to call bad weather. With the right gear, it keeps fitness interesting. Sunny and warm is great, but cold and rainy can be fun too.

(If you’re interested…this is the rain suit that kept me dry during the game that I now use for long walks in the rain. If you use this link to make a purchase this blog will receive a small commission)

FROGG TOGGS Pro Lite Waterproof Rain Suit


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