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I’m pretty sure it’s the thing about me that annoys my wife the most. Our house is littered with unfinished projects. There’s the bedroom downstairs that still doesn’t have floor molding. There’s the hole in the wall I created for a plumbing repair. There are the two pieces of tile I still haven’t replaced when I remodeled the bathroom. And, there’s more. A lot more.

I had to do these projects to accommodate a growing family on a tight budget. I turned unused space in our basement into a fourth bedroom. I replaced copper pipes with plastic. I even built a second bathroom out of a closet and unused hallway space. That was my gold medal “house project” moment.

But, I never really enjoyed the work and when the projects were ALMOST finished I called it a day. I just wanted to be done.

I think that’s how most of us approach fitness. We know it’s good for us and necessary, but we just want to be done. That’s why a lot of fitness journeys end early.

I believe walking for fitness is the best way to build fitness that lasts. It’s an activity that is sustainable, effective, flexible, and fun! We’re already walking so why not be intentional set a goal and use it to increase fitness?

If you’re doing The 30 Day New Year Fitness Challenge has it felt like a home improvement project for you? Do you just want to be done?


…has this Challenge started to change the way you think about walking and fitness? I hope so! If that’s the case, today is the day to make the commitment to keep going. At some point tomorrow you will have a fitness chain with 30 links. My goal for you is a chain that will eventually have thousands of links. This Challenge is just the beginning.

If you decide to keep going should you keep the same goal for the next 30 days?

The ideal step goal allows you to feel “the push” one or two days a week. In other words, you should feel a little struggle, every now and then, to reach your goal. Fitness is a challenge. If it was easy everybody would have it, but it’s not.

If you still feel the push, keep your goal the same for the next 30 days. If it’s no longer a struggle, add another 500 steps to your daily goal. You could also go as high as 1,000 more steps a day, but that should be the max.

Even if you rocked this Challenge, and your motivation is strong, you could create a problem by setting a daily goal that’s too high. A 30 day fitness chain is only the beginning…and it’s still fragile.

To help you keep building fitness momentum you can download a fresh 30 Day Win Tracker. This download also includes a 90 Day Win Tracker if you want to go a little bigger.

The finish line for this Challenge is tomorrow. Today’s the day to make your next commitment and KEEP IT GOING!


  1. If you are aware the unfinished house projects bother your wife, why don’t you finish them? It’s no less of a goal than all the steps you take. There’s a lot to be said about physical health, but mental health is important,too. Just think what a relief it would be for your wife to see those projects finished? I have been the wife in this situation and nothing says I love you more than a completed project. I think you are obsessed with your walking to the detriment of your wife.

    • It’s not the walking that keeps me from finishing projects, it’s a character flaw that good enough is good enough. And, sometimes it is. But, sometimes it’s not. I am currently working through these unfinished projects.

  2. I thank you again !!! I’m out every day walking and now my husband goes with me!!! Not sure how I found you… but I’m blessed that I did!

  3. I have the same problem with unfinished projects! Also, I just want you to know how much I am enjoying these daily posts. I know you won’t continue doing them daily, but please keep them coming as much as you can. They are great motivation and I look forward to reading them every day. Thanks!

    • Hi Renee! Yeah, the daily posts end tomorrow, but the weekly posts will continue every Wednesday morning. Thanks for your encouragement!

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