Celebrate Your Fitness Success!

If you started The 30 Day New Year Fitness Challenge on January 1 and didn’t miss a day you will cross the finish line today. You have also gained at least six benefits taking on this challenge. Each is worth celebrating!


You are in an elite group. Only 8% accomplish their New Year goals. Most don’t even last past the first week. The Elite 8% are those who keep going after the initial burst of emotional fuel dries up and it gets hard. You’re now part of this elite group!


The conventional wisdom is that it takes 30 days to establish a habit. But, research shows it actually takes twice as long. Some people need even more. That said, the hardest part of building any new habit is these first few weeks. If you can’t hang for 30 days there will be no habit at all. You did and you’re well on your way!


Habits are good, but habits are also not very exciting.

Building a strong fitness chain, link by link, is a visual that’s far more motivating. Every day you reach your goal adds another link to the chain. As it gets longer you are less likely to break it. I love the story of Robert Kraft who has run eight miles every day since January 1, 1975. I imagine there are days when he doesn’t feel like running, but there’s no way he’s going to break that chain now.


You may not feel this one yet, but intentional and consistent physical activity is an investment in better health. And, research indicates it’s not just physical health, but emotional and brain health too. What throws a lot of us off track is we don’t see or feel those results quick enough. So, we stop. You didn’t and those benefits are accruing bit by bit every day.


I love how my Fitbit turned fitness into an all-day activity for me. It ceased to be this “other” thing I needed to carve out an hour for and instead became something I can do at anytime and anywhere. Is this becoming your perspective too? If so, that’s worth celebrating!


I was listening to a podcast the other day and the host and guest were talking about the value of exercise. The guest was a doctor who understood better than most how beneficial exercise is to good health. He does it, but admitted it’s a real struggle. Walking for fitness is sustainable, effective, flexible, and best of all FUN! Sure, there are days when I’d rather sit, but I love walking and I look forward to it! Hopefully, the past 30 days have been fun for you too!


You did it. You successfully completed the 30 Day New Year Fitness Challenge. But, here’s the thing. You’re not finished. Instead you have accomplished a SUCCESSFUL BEGINNING!

Now…keep going….


If you don’t have a daily step goal, I want to challenge you to give it a try. Not only will it improve your mood, it will also help you create a fitness habit. You can start The 30 Day Fitness Challenge today. This free guide will walk you through how to get started. It’s very easy.

If you don’t have a Fitbit I recommend the Fitbit Inspire HR. This is the Fitbit I use to track my 20,000 steps a day. The Inspire HR also tracks your heart rate and sleep so you get an even wider picture of your fitness progress.


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This blog is designed to help you embrace walking as a fitness activity. It’s sustainable, flexible, effective, and fun. Every week I post new articles with stories and helpful suggestions to Win at Fitness.

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  1. I have looked forward to the encouragement of the Blog each day for the past 30 days. I didn’t realize how much until there was none today. I did not start the 30 day challenge officially till January 27th. Congratulations to all those who completed their 30 days. Truly an accomplishment to celebrate! I’m a bit sad because I feel like I’m still out on the track all by myself because my walking buddies have finished. But, I will keep on keeping on to finish my 30 days. This is something I truly needed. I feel God had me tune in at just that very day and very moment to hear about the Walking Challenge. Many thanks!

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