A New Year’s Eve Letter To My Future Self

Dear Future Me,

I’ve decided to make some changes to benefit you. Past Me also tried to do this, but gave up when it got hard. Change takes time and Past Me thought it was taking way too long. It also stopped being fun pretty quickly. 

I remember the day Past Me decided to take a break because missing one day wouldn’t really matter. Past Me didn’t understand that only made it easier to take a break the next time…and the time after that. It wasn’t long before Past Me simply stopped trying. 

Sadly, I’m paying the price for those decisions. The change I want for you, Future Me, could have been mine if Past Me had stuck with it.

I can’t do anything about that now, but today I can start making changes that will benefit you.

I promise to stick with it even when I can’t see the results. I promise I will make a little progress every day. I wish Past Me had started small and taken the long view. I promise I won’t give up when it gets hard.

And, I know it WILL get hard, but you are worth the struggle on those days.

I want you to be proud of me. I love you and care about you. I won’t let you down.


Current Me


  1. Exactly what I needed for today, tomorrow and the days to follow! Thanks so much for your continued encouragement and inspiration!

  2. Hi there. I received a Inspire HR Inspire fitbit for Christmas, I know you get a portion of any sales for the fitbit. I’d like to ensure you receive that. Please let me know how much and how I can get it to you. Thanks very much!

    • This is a wonderful reminder that I have to put myself first for myself. Thank you! Have a blessed New Year!

      • Hi Sharon. Thank you for your wonderful comment. This blog gets a small portion from Amazon if you use the link in the blog to purchase a new Fitbit. Please enjoy your new Fitbit!

  3. I have a step streak and minimum one mile jog per day streak going and on the yard days, I think I can make it up tomorrow or no one will know. But I know and I make sure it gets done even after shoveling 7 inches of snow for 7-8 hours yesterday and I still hadn’t done all my steps or my mile. Thanks for the reminder Dave.

  4. Dave- Thank you so much for this – I’ve written similar messages to myself in the past – There was something about your words that were more honest than mine. I’ve read it each day, each time crying because of the honesty and the raw emotions. With your words and God’s nudging, this time those 10 pounds will be gone for good. Thank you!

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