57 Ways To Walk 1,000 Steps For Exercise

If you’re looking for ways to walk a little more each day, here are 57 different ways to add 1,000 steps to your total. It takes, on average, about ten-minutes to walk 1,000 steps. Each of these ideas can be done in about that amount of time. Some of these ideas you may have never considered. Perhaps a few will become a permanent way you do life.

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1.If you’re binge watching a series, take a walk break in-between episodes.
2. If you’re watching a movie, take a break in the middle and walk.

3. Ask Alexa to play three of your favorite songs while you walk.
4. Want to check social media? Walk 1,000 steps then give yourself that much time to sit and scroll or swipe. Repeat as often as you want for even more steps.

5. Take a walk between dinner and dessert.

6. Set your alarm earlier, giving you enough time to get 1,000 steps before doing anything else.
7. Playing video games? Take a walk every chance you can break away (and not lose the game by doing so)

8. Walk 1,000 steps before climbing in bed at the end of the day.
9. If you watch network TV, walk during the commercials. On average, there’s about 15 minutes of commercials every hour.

10. Do you really need a 20 minute shower? Take a walk…then take a shorter shower.
11. Find a daily news podcast and walk while you’re getting caught up on current events.

12. Find a great audio book and walk while you listen.

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13. Feeling stress? Start walking!
14. Got a problem? Research says we are more creative when walking.

15. Walk around your neighborhood and look at the car colors. Which would you choose for your next car?
16. If there’s a park on the way to work, leave early so you can stop and take a quick walk.

17. Walk around the perimeter of your yard for ten minutes. Try not to think about your neighbors wondering what you’re doing. They’re likley sitting while you’re getting some exercise!

18. Make coffee at home and then take a brisk walk before leaving for work.
19. Walk around the block and say hi to everyone you see. Try not to be creepy about it.

20. Walk in place while you’re grilling.
21. Ask your child to go for a walk and find out what’s happening in their world.

22. Dinner in the oven? You don’t need to sit and wait. Walk around the kitchen!
23. Learn something new. Find a podcast about a subject you don’t know very well and take walk as you listen.

24. Laundry is washed and folded. Put it away one item at a time.
25. How long does it take for you to get 1,000 steps? Walk around the house for that amount of time straightening as you go.

26. Do the same thing outside picking up sticks and trash.
27. Plan your day as you walk.
28. Take a walk and plan a surprise for someone special.

29. Declutter a room walking one item at a time out to the trash can.
30. Clean out your car one item at a time. Make sure the trash can is far away.

31. Clean out your junk drawer one item at a time.
32. Catching up with an old friend? Put on earphones and walk as you talk.

33. Walk through your house looking for future project ideas.

34. Take a walk and think of a side-hustle idea.

35. Take a Gratitude Walk. Name 50 things you are thankful for.
36. Walk and pray.
37. Plan a celebration for someone you love.

38. Take a walk and memorize a Bible verse.

39. Take a walk and see if you can figure out a way to save $10 less each week. That’s $520 a year! That almost makes your walk a part-time job. Almost.

40. Take a walk and plan a fun weekend get-a-way. You might want to do this after you try suggestion #39.

41. Answer an email in person. Take the long way to their office. Over the course of a day, this could really add up.

42. Use your coffee break to walk.

43. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

44. Park in the back of the parking lot.

45. If you take the subway or bus, get off a stop early and walk the rest of the way.

46. Do your job standing up for ten minutes and walk in place.

47. There’s no law requiring you to sit when you talk on the phone. Take a walk when you talk!

48. Got a face to face meeting? Do it while you walk. Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, loved doing this!

49. Getting lunch? Walk to the restaurant and leave the car behind.

50. Flying somewhere? Explore the airport while you’re waiting to board.
51. Walk between innings at a baseball game.

52. Walk the perimeter of the field while watching your child play sports.
53. Kid’s sport practices are a great opportunity to walk while you wait (or watch).

54. Concert intermissions are also great walk opportunities.
55. Take a ten-minute walk before breakfast when you’re on vacation.
56. At family get-togethers take a walk with everyone before eating dessert.
57. See a movie with a friend. Take a walk afterwards to talk about what you just saw.

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