Why Walking For Fun Is a Good Thing

This week we’re going to do something different. Let’s simply walk for fun. The main purpose of this blog is to help you transform your walking from functional to fitness. There are a ton of benefits available when you do that. But, we cover those most weeks.

Listen as Dave walks along The Strip in Las Vegas

This week, let’s just walk for fun. There are so many different ways to make this happen. And, the beauty of walking allows you to find the fun that works for you. One of the things I have the most fun with is what I call Urban Exploration. In other words…walking around cities.

And, so this week’s podcast comes to you as I was walking along Las Vegas Blvd…commonly called The Strip. And, it was a hot day too. That afternoon it reached 106, but gratefully it was only 86 during my morning walk. That said, Ava and I along with two of our sons walked from one end of the strip to the other in that brutal heat. It was fun!! I ended up with over 34,000 steps that day.

The point this week is not to convince you to walk The Strip in 106 temps, but to find the thing about walking that’s fun for you and go for it. Here’s the thing…when fitness becomes fun you want to do it even more. And, what that happens a fitness habit transitions to fitness momentum which leads to fitness transformation.


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