Why October Is a Great Month To Start Exercising

I love summer. It’s one of the reasons we moved from Maryland to South Carolina. Summer starts earlier and ends later. I love that!

But, if I’m being honest, and why should I start lying now, the heat and humidity started getting to me by mid-August. It’s called Famously How South Carolina for a reason. Id return from my early morning walk needing a shower. My casual afternoon bike ride was de-energizing. The humidity was zapping my energy.

Walk with Dave as he talks about this week’s topic

It also helped explain why my neighbors disappeared. A curious thing happened a couple months earlier. Neighbors who had been active outside during the Spring were nowhere to be seen. Apparently, they all knew what was coming and hunkered down inside until the heat index returned to a tolerable level.

That is happening now. It still feels like summer in the afternoon, but those morning walks no longer require a cold shower as soon as I return home. In fact, we’re starting to feel a touch of briskness in the morning air.

October has always been my second favorite month of the year. July is number one…although that may be shifting. When Ava talked about moving south, I knew I would miss October in Maryland. The weather is perfect and the leaves are starting to change.

I’ve only lived in two places my entire life, so I can’t speak with any authority about your weather (unless you live in the Mid-Atlantic or South Carolina) but, I’m guessing October is enjoyable almost everywhere. Not too hold…and not too cold….with a splash of Autumn beauty.

This is why October is a great month to either start a new fitness journey or add some fuel to whatever you’ve got going right now.

If you’ve been contemplating starting a new journey towards fitness, now is the best time to jump on the opportunity to begin since the weather is your friend. The weather won’t be this kind around January 1, if that’s when you were considering starting. Additionally, if you start now, you’ll have actually have some momentum going around New Year’s. What a great way to begin 2022 with some fitness mojo.

Even with great weather now, it’s still important to begin slowly. One of the worst things you can do is dive into the deep end on Day One. Our bodies rarely can cash the exercise check our emotions write when we’re excited. Start small and think long! That’s the key to building a fitness program that lasts.

To help you begin with a goal perfect for you, download this free 30 Day Walking Challenge. It contains everything you need to begin a new fitness journey through walking that’ll last!

If your fitness walking already is a habit with momentum, why not use the great weather right now to add some fuel to what you’re already doing. The 30 Day Walking Challenge has two additional levels to helps you supersize your fitness. This extra push for the next 30 days might even help you take your fitness to the next level moving forward.

Fitness is hard! There are so many obstacles each of us encounter when we want to exercise. How we feel physically and emotionally, how busy we are, and the friction of life between desire and action. For the next handful of weeks, at least, the weather and outdoor beauty is our friend. Take advantage of it!

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