Change Is Coming To Walking Is Fitness

I’ll never forget when the idea first hit me. I was in my hotel room getting ready to check out and head to the airport for my flight home. I was pacing back and forth adding steps to my Fitbit and trying to come up with an idea for a new podcast.

For years I had been averaging about 15,000 steps a day. One of the common themes I heard from others who had a Fitbit was how they wanted to get more steps. The desire was there, but not a daily motivation.

As I was walking back and forth in that small hotel room I was struck with the idea of a daily podcast that would inspire and motivate listeners to walk more. Each day I could talk about ways you could get more steps. I would call it More Steps With Dave.

I left the hotel that morning excited about my idea. On the plane ride home I planned the strategy for this new podcast. I wrote down the equipment I would need to buy, the website I would need to build, and thought through how the podcast would sound.

Over the next few months I worked through all these logistical issues and began practicing the daily podcast. I did a bunch of episodes and the more I did the more it sounded…

…dumb. Really dumb.

I was ready to scrap the entire thing, but the accompanying blog was actually hitting me as worth keeping and doing. So, I dropped the podcast and kept working on the blog. I also decided the first year, to motivate readers even more, I would walk 20,000 steps every day and post a daily picture and caption on social media. For the first year this blog was called Goal 20,000 Steps. Once the 20K Step Challenge was met the blog transitioned to what it is today, Walking Is Fitness.

But, I never abandoned the idea of a podcast and two years after the blog started there was an accompanying podcast. It started simply as me reading the blog for those who prefer listening to reading. A few months ago the podcast transitioned from me reading the article to me talking about the weekly topic as I walked.

And, that as led me back to my original idea of a daily podcast helping listeners reach their fitness goals.

On December 1, the Walking is Fitness podcast will become a daily thing. Each podcast will be about ten minutes long and will be recorded as I take my morning walk. It will be real, raw, and authentic…just like fitness. When it’s windy, you’ll hear that. You’ll hear the rain hit my umbrella, the traffic as it moves past me, and every step I take.

This daily Walking Is Fitness podcast is all about accountability. It’s not designed to be a podcast to inspire you or even motivate you. Instead, this will be a podcast of action as we hold each other accountable to create and maintain a lifestyle of fitmess.

I’ve been practicing doing the podcast every morning since November 1. I thought you might like to hear how it’s sounding. This would have been the podcast for this past Sunday. Take a listen and let me know what you think. Would this be helpful for you every day? Is there something I could add to the podcast that would make it even better for you?

Listen to a sample of the new daily
Walking is Fitness podcast

Lastly, this blog is not going away. I will still post a weekly article. I’m grateful for your support and I hope this new daily podcast will help you take your fitness to the next level.


  1. I really enjoy reading/and hearing your blog each week, and LOVE the idea for a daily walk with you! This may be what finally gets me committed to a regular fitness habit, and build that momentum. I may not join you outside in the rain and snow (major fear of slipping and falling!), but will walk laps inside. Especially since I’m not allowed to listen while sitting!!! Thanks for the encouragement, and being my walking partner! I’m not going to let us down!

  2. I love walking while listening to your podcast. I don’t have anyone locally for a walking buddy so the fact that yours is raw and off the cuff makes me feel like we are walking together and it’s nice to have a buddy along…especially one that has a lot more experience in this arena than I do.

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