How Can a Daily Podcast Improve Your Fitness?

Walking is Fitness is now a daily ten-minute podcast. Every day you can walk with me for ten minutes. Listening to this podcast is a way to add another layer of accountability to your fitness journey. (Click HERE for the latest episodes.)

Fitness is not easy. Oh sure, taking a ten minute walk isn’t the hardest thing you’ll ever do. But, making a commitment to walk every day regardless of the weather or how you feel is difficult. This podcast is designed to help you bust through those challenges because you know you’re not alone.

I take a long walk every morning. The ten-minutes we spend together is the first part of my daily walk. During each podcast I’ll typically let you know how many steps I reached the day before. I’ll also let you know what the weather is like as I’m walking because these conditions can have a huge impact. Most days will also include some thoughts or comments that are spurred by listener questions. This truly is a walk we are doing together.

For some, this ten-minute walk is all you’ll do. I believe strongly, that a commitment to walking ten-minutes a day is the perfect way to establish a new fitness habit. As your fitness capacity grows and you begin to get some momentum, those walks will gradually get longer.

For others, ten minutes is simply the first part of a longer walk. Either way, this daily podcast is designed to get you started on your daily walk. If you enjoy a much longer walk, you’ll have plenty of time to transition to music, another podcast, or simply enjoying the sounds around you as you keep going. I don’t want my voice to be the only thing you hear every day.

If you are interested in listening to this podcast every day, you’ll need to follow or subscribe to Walking is Fitness wherever you get your favorite podcasts. Unlike this weekly blog, you will not receive a daily email with a link to the podcast. If you prefer accessing the new daily Walking is Fitness through this blog, the Podcast page will be updated daily if you simply want to bookmark that.

If you have suggestions, questions, or topics you’d like me to discuss as I walk please send me an email. This is also an important way for me to know if this new podcast is providing value for you.

I hope you will join me for a daily ten-minute walk together!


  1. Hi Dave! I found your podcast a while back and started walking with you daily. I set a goal to walk outside for 10 mins every day for a year (much like your goal for the 20,000). I even made myself accountable the same way you did by announcing it on Instagram, and I’m posting a picture of every walk there. Although some days I can and do walk longer, I’m sticking with the at least 10 mins outside each day because I’m trying to build a habit and I know when I make the goal huge I can go for days with no walks at all. So really enjoying the podcast, I do wish there was a longer one for the days I walk an hour, but either way it’s inspiring me. Today is day 19- quitters day! I have a walk planned today and one planned tomorrow with a friend. Thanks so much for your podcast its really inspiring me!

    • Hi Chandra. Thank you for the encouraging comment! I love your attitude about starting small! That’s the key to going long. You’re going to rock this!

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