The Gift Of Walking

I walked three miles in the rain this morning. It was cold and windy.

I write about the joys of walking every week. Every day I take a long walk and invite you to spend the first ten-minutes with me. I walk for health. I walk to think. I walk for fun.

And, yet…how often do I take all of this for granted? How often do I assume I’ll be able to do this every day for many years, and decades, to come? How often do I fail to recognize all of this for what it is.

A gift.

During this week of giving, I don’t want to miss the opportunity to grow my gratitude for the opportunity to walk.

Especially when it’s cold, windy, and rainy.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Hello,

    I read that walking in the rain builds character. Haven’t given it a go, lately, but have been thinking about it, more. Kudos to you for getting it in and in rainy conditions. I have an appointment at GBMC, this morning. You have encouraged me to walk.

    Have a blessed day and Merry Christmas!

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