Can This 90 Day Walking Challenge Help You?

Have you ever struggled with keeping your commitment to fitness? You want to walk every day, but life gets in the way? You’re not alone. Most of us set goals we never reach

In 2008, I set a fitness goal. That goal was to make consistent exercise a part of my life and to NOT GIVE UP. Gratefully, I didn’t. Fourteen years later, I routinely hit 20,000 steps on my Fitbit most days.

I start each day with a long walk…usually before sunrise. This is also when I record a very unique podcast, Walking Is Fitness. It’s the first ten-minutes of my early morning walk.

I invite you to join me. Let’s walk together and hold each other accountable for keeping that fitness promise we made to ourselves. You can check out the latest episodes of the podcast HERE.

The hardest part of keeping a commitment to fitness is we don’t first establish a habit. Research indicates it takes, on average, 66 days of doing something before it becomes a habit. And, for some, it can take up to 268 days! 

This daily ten minute podcast can help you establish your fitness habit. How about making a 90 day commitment to take a walk while listening to Walking is Fitness. You won’t be alone!

“It is like having company on my walk and thank you for being out there on your walk for us who listen and are also walking!” Debbie

“Your podcast was recommended by my daughter and I just love it. I have been walking early in the morning and your podcast really motivates me.” Sudha

“I’ve been listening to your podcast and I’ve found motivation to jumpstart my walking schedule.” TC

“I found your podcast while searching for a podcast to keep me company while walking daily.” Elisa 

“Thanks for the podcast. I listen to it daily as part of my daily routine.” Craig

“I love walking while listening to your podcast. I don’t have anyone locally for a walking buddy so the fact that yours is raw and off the cuff makes me feel like we are walking together.” Tracey

“I feel accountable to get up and move every day because I know you’ll be meeting me here and begin my day pursuing commitments to fitness I made to myself.” Angie

The next 90 days could be a game changer if you’ve struggled with making and keeping your commitment to fitness. Walking is Fitness is available where you get your favorite podcasts. You can also check it out HERE.

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