Creating An Exercise Habit The Easy Way

Creating a new habit is really hard. Exercise is rarely fun. Combining the two usually doesn’t end well.

Until today.

There’s pretty good research telling us it takes, on average, 66 days to create a habit. Some of us can do it in less time while some of us actually need more than 200 days. If it takes this long for a habit to form, it better be something we enjoy doing. If not, we will soon be looking for an excuse to bail.

There’s also pretty good research telling us the health benefits of exercise are life changing. It makes our heart stronger, lowers the risk of diabetes and some cancers, improves our thinking while lowering the risk of cognitive decline. Exercise also helps us lose weight, sleep better, and lowers stress.

And, yet…creating a new exercise habit is really, really hard. 

Until today.

Lastly, there’s pretty good research telling us that walking is a great fitness activity. A brisk 21 minute walk every day opens the door to all those possible health benefits. Walking is also flexible to your schedule, sustainable for decades, low impact, low cost, and best of all…FUN!

But, the moment we turn walking into exercise, we up the challenge. Now it becomes something we “have to do” and that rarely works when trying to create a daily habit. What if there was something that could help you create a daily ten-minute walking habit while providing a little extra motivation to not give up?

There is. 

It’s a unique daily podcast called “Walking is Fitness” that is recorded during the first ten-minutes of my daily walk. I’m out there when the weather is nice or not. You’ll hear life happening around me as I walk through my community in South Carolina. Wanna hear what this sounds like? Check out the latest episode HERE.

Here’s what listeners say about the podcast:

“Knowing Dave is out there everyday gets me out and walking every day too…”

“It’s like walking with a friend…”

“…it’s relaxing and motivating at the same time.”

“I have loved every podcast…they are thoughtful, inspiring, and real.”

If you’re looking for an easy way to create a new exercise habit, join me every day for “Walking is Fitness.” After 66 days, you’ll likely have a new habit and a greater fitness capacity allowing you to do even more!

Most of all, you’ll have fun!

To make it even easier, if you FOLLOW or SUBSCRIBE (depending on which podcast provider service you use) “Walking is Fitness” will be waiting for you every morning. You won’t even have to go looking for it.

 Creating a new exercise habit can be both easy and fun with “Walking is Fitness!”

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