What’s Your Summer Goal?

The slower pace of summer expands learning opportunities that may feel out of reach during the rest of the year. Vacations, travel, and even fewer daily responsibilities gives you and me more time to listen and learn.

I’m a huge fan of podcasts and the life-changing impact they can have. That’s one of the reasons I started Walking is Fitness. This daily ten-minute podcast is designed to provide a little boost of motivation to start walking for fitness. Some need the boost to begin a new fitness journey. Some need it to simply get out the door on a day that feels a little more challenging.

One of the reasons the podcast is only ten-minutes is to give you the opportunity to listen to other podcasts while you’re walking. And, now that summer is almost here, why not be intentional about how you can use this season to grow?

With that in mind, what’s your summer goal?


As my retirement gets closer, I’ve been using a variety of podcasts to help me deepen my understanding of this next season. I’m learning that a successful retirement requires three things…money, purpose, and health. 

Is there a topic that you possess general knowledge, but would like to go even deeper? My guess is, as you do, you’ll learn there’s even more about it you don’t know. That’s called the “Circle of Ignorance”. As I dive deeper into my knowledge my Circle of Ignorance continues to expand. Candidly, if I was retiring next week that would frighten me, but instead I’m challenged to keep diving deeper and deeper into the topic.

It’s been said, if you read three books on a topic, you are now an expert. I suspect, the same can be said about podcasts. My goal is to become an expert on retirement. What would you like to become an expert on? 


One of the wonderful things about podcasts is you can find one on just about any topic. Knitting? You bet. German Shepherds? Of course! The Fall of Rome? Actually, quite a few. 

Is there a topic you’ve always wanted to learn about, but can’t seem to find the time? Why not search that topic in your favorite podcast directory and see what shows up? Download a few episodes and begin discovering this new topic. Oftentimes, those directories will suggest similar theme podcasts allowing you to follow a thread into the unknown as you explore your new passion. 

You can also use podcasts to begin developing a new skill. I’ve recently started thinking about creating a YouTube channel for the podcast. This is something I know nothing about, but I’ve found a few podcasts on the topic and learning about this is one of my summer goals.


Three summers ago, my favorite podcast ever was released. It was the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing mission and the BBC created a ten part series about this mission. This is a topic know very well, but this series still provided me a new perspective. It was pure delight and I greatly looked forward to each new episode.

Is there a topic you know well, but are looking for a fresh perspective? Even as I’m writing these words I’m thinking of another topic I know and love, and sure enough I just searched for and found a 12-part series. 


With summer upon us, you can be proactive about your fitness and learning something new. The best part is it won’t cost you any extra time or money. All it requires is a little intentionality and a few taps in your favorite podcast directory.

Let’s use this summer to deepen, discover, and delight as we walk for fitness.

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