Time For A Change

This blog began in September 2018. At some point after that you chose to receive an email with a new article attached. Thank you! I truly hope these posts have brought value to your walking journey.

In September 2020 the Walking is Fitness podcast began. For more than a year it was the audio version of this blog. In November 2021 the podcast transitioned to a new ten-minute episode every day. It was no longer tied to the blog, but it was simply me walking, talking, and giving you a little added motivation for your walk.

As the podcast grew, the blog articles became less frequent. Perhaps you’ve noticed and wondered why. The simple answer is my focus now is primarily on the podcast. Listeners around the world are letting me know how helpful this daily ten-minutes is for them.

And, that brings me to the reason for this blog post.

Two weeks ago I started a new weekly email. This email is a brief recap of that week’s podcast episodes along with a little extra walking motivation…even if you are listening to the podcast or don’t listen at all.

That weekly email goes to a separate group from this blog. I thought about sending it to both, but many would get it twice and that’s annoying.

If you would like to receive this new weekly email, sign up here. The next one will be arriving on Thursday morning.

If you received the emails in the past two weeks titled, “When Weather Challenges Your Walking Motivation” and “Walking On The Beach Reminded Me Of This” you don’t need to do anything…you’re already signed up.

Moving forward, there will still be an occasional Walking is Fitness blog post, but not weekly. And, of course, you can always join the growing group of listeners to the daily ten-minute Walking is Fitness podcast.

Thank you for reading,


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