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Why Did I Walk 20,000 Steps Every Day For a Year? The reason behind this 20k Challenge

The Day Intentionality Saved My 20k One Year Step Challenge: The Challenge would have ended on day 284 if I hadn’t made this decision.

5 Lessons From Walking 20,000 Steps a Day: Here are five things I’ve learned from my 20k One Year Step Challenge as it enters it’s final weeks

The Secret to Staying On Track With Fitness When You Don’t Feel Like It: The Silver Bullet to fitness forward momentum is revealed in this article.

7 Reasons Why EVERYONE Should Walk For Fitness: If you’re NOT walking for fitness which of these 7 excuses is yours?

Why You’re a Rock Star If You Walk For Fitness: Is walking a “less than” fitness activity? No way!! Here’s why it’s a “more Than” fitness activity

Walking For Fitness Can Help You Learn To Do Hard Things: Every now and then it’s good to stretch your “doing-hard-things” muscles.

Walking For Fitness Gives You The Best Gym Ever: One of the great things about walking for fitness is you can do it ANYWHERE.

How to Make Walking For Fitness a Daily Routine: Practical suggestions to help you establish daily routines for fitness that will help you make it part of your lifestyle.

How Do You Stay Motivated For Fitness: Finding motivation for fitness is one thing…staying motivated is something entirely different.

How My New Fitbit Inspire HR is Helping Me Sleep Better: I’m learning how to use the sleep tracker function in my Fitbit to make changes that are helping me sleep better,

How to Get 20,000 Steps a Day on Vacation: Here’s how I did it during our recent beach vacation at the Outer Banks in North Carolina.

How Walking Can Help You Build Margin: Having White Space in your calendar is a big part of building rest into your daily habits. Here’s how.

Can I Take a Vacation From My Fitbit? Is vacation a good excuse to take a break from your daily step goals?

Your Fitbit Doesn’t Need a Day Off. Neither Do You: How walking for fitness can actually help you find rest.

How Does Someone Get 125,000 Steps…IN ONE DAY!  It really happened! Here’s the story of how.

6 Ways to Keep Fitness Momentum Going When it Gets Too Hot: Not everyone loves summer, but there are ways to keep moving when you feel uncomfortable from the heat.

5 Ways Walking This Summer Will Make Your Life Better: The joys of having a daily step goal during the summer!

Why Fitness and Your Feelings Don’t Play Well Together: They might be aligned at the beginning of a fitness journey, but soon part.

How To Keep Your Commitment to Fitness: Fitness gets hard. It always does! This article contains a free tool that will help you keep going when you don’t want to.

The Most Important Date on Your Fitness Calendar: The most important date is NOT when you want a goal met by. Not even close…

How To Set the Best Daily Step Goal For YOU: How to find the step goal that works for you today and sets you up for a fitness future!

90 Days That Will Transform Your Fitness Journey: Introducing a Challenge that really could change your life.

How 3,000 Steps a Day helped Jessica Lose 120 Pounds: The inspiring story of the woman who walked around her apartment 3,000 steps every day.

Has 20,000 Steps a Day Changed My Health?: A reader recently asked what health benefits I’ve noticed since I started the 20k One Year Step Challenge. My answer might surprise you.

How the AfterShokz Headphones Changed My Life: I finally found a pair of headphones that I love and am using in a way that is changing my life.

How To Reverse a Fitness Goal Fail: How’s that fitness new year’s resolution going? If it’s not, here’s some encouragement and practical advice to help you turn it around. It’s not too late!

The Fitness Struggle is Real: How do you overcome the struggle to do something you know you should do and will bring great benefits, but you just don’t feel like it?

How To Lose Weight For Summer By Walking: Is it possible to lose weight JUST BY WALKING for summer? Yes, but there’s an explanation…

The OTHER Retirement Planning You Should Be Doing NOW: Planning for retirement should also include fitness

Don’t Let a Full Calendar Derail Fitness: When life gets busy does fitness get shoved aside? Here’s how to keep that from happening.

How to Win at Fitness Without Exercise: Yes, you can get fit without exercise!

Do You Show Up When Fitness Gets Hard? I’m inspired by two people in my life who lean into the hard things of life.

Can You Save Money By Walking For Fitness? I list ways I save money every month because walking is my prime fitness activity

The Easiest Week of My 20k One Year Step Challenge: Not just easy, but really fun.

Should You Really Aim For 10,000 Steps a Day? My answer may surprise you.

The Real Life Benefit of Walking For Fitness: Why not being able to celebrate a BIG wedding anniversary was also a reminder of why walking for fitness is SO valuable.

The Forgotten Benefit of Walking For Fitness: I first discovered this when I was a teenager, and only rediscovered it recently

The Downside of Walking 20,000 Steps Every Day: It’s not all glamorous

My First Week With The NEW Fitbit Inspire HR: a review of Fitbit’s newest step tracker

5 Fitness Roadblocks (And How to Get Around Them): Common reasons (or excuses) for not starting a journey towards fitness

The Most Valuable Week of This 20k One Year Step Challenge: It was a week with three super long days at work. How did I get 20,000 steps each of those days?

How To Walk and Get Fitness Ready For Summer: Yep, it’s coming. Are you ready?

6 Ways Morning Steps Can Make Your Life Better: I’m a morning fan!

How To Find Time to Win at Fitness: “Who has time to walk three hours to get 20,000 steps?!!” A reader recently asked me this. Here’s my answer.

Is Walking the BEST Fitness Activity? 5 reasons why walking should be on your list of fitness activities…maybe at the very top

How to Create Fitbit Fun: Here are ways you can turn your walking for fitness into a game.

It’s Halftime!: I’ve reached the midway point of this 20k One Year Step Challenge. Here are my five favorite pictures from the Daily Update and what I’ve learned (so far) on this journey.

Does Your Fitbit Spark Joy?: Have you lost the Fitbit thrill? Here are some practical ways you can respark the joy!

The Week I Got 20,000 Steps a Day While Sick: Yep…I had to navigate this 20k One Year Step Challenge through a week of not feeling well. Details here

How Comparison Can Help You Win at Fitness: But, it’s not how you think.

This is Not Another Blog Post About Getting 20,000 Steps While Winter Rages On: A fun break about one of the perks of my full-time job.

Why February is the Perfect Month to Begin a Fitness Program: Yes, it really is! This article explains why.

How to Get 20,000 Daily Steps in the Winter Without a Treadmill: It’s not easy, but here are 8 ways I reach my target without using a treadmill

Why the Flex 2 Could Become Your Favorite Fitbit: Here’s why it is my favorite

How to Restart Your Motivation to Win at Fitness: If your fitness motivation feels elusive, here’s why.

When Fitness Becomes a Lifestyle: The long-term goal is to make fitness a part of your lifestyle and not just exercise that you need to do.

My 3 Biggest Dad Regrets: 30 years ago this week I heard the two words that changed my life more than any other. And, no, they weren’t “I do.”

5 Weapons to Help You Win the Battle Against Fitness Failure: When you feel like quitting, these will help you keep going

I’m on The Uphill Climb of This 20k Challenge: It’s winter so this Challenge is becoming a…well…challenge. Thankfully, I’ve got a HUGE thing in my favor.

How To Overcome the Shame of Fitness Failure: This article includes a powerful free tool to turn a history of fitness failure into a future of fitness wins

This Powerful Motivator Helps Me Get 20,000 Steps Every Day: Week 19 update includes a very special anniversary that provides motivation for this 20k Challenge

Change Your Thinking to Win at Fitness: You must play the long game if you want to avoid another fitness failure.

Why Are We Smiling?: We had two reasons to smile during Week 18 of the 20k One Year Step Challenge.

Start Small to Win at Fitness: Why do most people give up? It’s because they in a way that’s not sustainable.

How to Give Your Future Self the Gift of Fitness: The choices we make today have an impact on who we will become.

Walking For The Fitness Win in 2019: Yes…walking is an effective way to win the fitness journey

An Emotional Week Had Me Asking Why Am I Getting 20,000 Steps Every Day: – A big milestone during Week 16 of this 20k One Year Step Challenging caused me to reflect more than usual

How To Use The Holidays For a Fitness Win: The holidays provide a unique opportunity to prepare for a new year fitness goal

You Can’t Win At Fitness Without This: If you want to win at fitness long term you need this to succeed

Why Your Step Goals Need to Be Smaller: If you want to win at fitness you need to be the stream, not the hurricane. This article explains what that means

How To Win At Fitness: You must build a chain one victory link at a time

Winter is Coming. Here’s Why You Should Walk MORE: Yes, winter is coming, but not the one you’re thinking of.

3 Ways My Wife Inspires Me To Get 20,000 Steps Every Day: An update on Week 14 of this 20k One Year Step Challenge and how a “moment” at the beginning of the week led to some reflection on why I’m doing this.

11 Ways to Get More Steps TODAY – it’s all about the Great Exchange!

Here’s a Fun Way to Get 20,000 Steps Before Lunch – A challenge within a challenge. How did it go? Click to find out.

Is It Ok To Buy Someone a Fitbit as a Gift? – A guide to successful Fitbit gift giving

20k Challenge Week 11-This is the Week My 20k Step Challenge Should Have Ended: I encountered three brick walls this week that should have caused me to miss my goal.

9 Ways a Step Goal Can Change Your Life: I list nine ways step goals over the past six years have changed my life. I believe step goals can change your life too.

20k Challenge Week 10-Are All Steps Created Equal: The highlight of the week was a birthday party to honor my mom. It was also a reminder that not all steps count the same.

Intentional Goals and the Metaphor of the Forgotten Fitbit: Step Five in my process of setting and reaching Intentional Goals. It’s all about the importance of accountability.

20k Challenge Week 9-The Lesson of the Saddest Day of the Year: The saddest day is an annual occurrence for me and I used to try and avoid it. I’m learning to lean into it.

Use This Word a Lot to Reach Your Goals: Step Four of setting and reaching Intentional Goals.

20k Challenge Week 8-Using Unexpected Free Time to Reach Your Goal: How aware are you of unexpected pockets of free time that can be used for hitting your step goals?

The Key to Losing Weight and Getting More Steps. It’s Not What You Think: Step Three of setting and reaching Intentional Goals.

20k Challenge Week 7-My Wife and Cancer. Round One. Done: We had an important follow-up appointment with the cancer surgeon.

Why You Need Two Goals…Not Just One: It’s never about reaching ONE goal. Here’s why.

20k Challenge Week 6-A Story About a Walk, a Phone Call, and Cancer: My wife and I were out for a walk when we got a phone call we will never forget.

3 Questions to Ask Before Setting Any Goal: Asking these three questions will save you lots of discouragement

20k Challenge Week 5-Yeah…That Stung a Little: A friend’s opinion of my goal got me thinking.

5 Steps to Better Goals That Survive the First Month: My new thinking about goals has changed my life.

20k Challenge Week 4-Did I Make a Mistake Doing This?: It was a hard week and I’m questioning my goal.

Surprise! You Don’t Move as Much as You Think: My first day with a Fitbit was shocking.

20k Challenge Week 3-How is the Wrong Question: But, it’s the question I get asked most often.

Change Your Day. It Could Change Your Life: A story about a dark season in my life and what happened to turn things around.

20k Challenge Week 2-3 Things Happened This Week: Difficult circumstances made it easy to reach my goal every day this week.

Endurance + THIS = 20,000 Steps a Day: Reaching my step goals is not just about physical endurance.

20k Challenge Week 1-It Won’t Last: My son’s reaction to my 20k One Year Step Challenge.

Let’s Go: The story of my accidental marathon.