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Most fitness journeys crash and burn within two weeks. They start with great excitement and the hope of transformation. But, the emotion that fuels the fitness goal always fades and is quickly replaced with discouragement because it feels like NOTHING is happening.

Fitness is hard and the results take much longer than we expect. That’s why most fitness goals end in failure. Who wants to keep doing something that is not fun with nothing to show for it?

How about a different approach to fitness? How about an approach that starts with a win every day doing something that is fun, sustainable, flexible, and effective?

The real goal at the start of any fitness journey is actually to create a fitness habit. That daily habit leads to fitness momentum which eventually produces fitness transformation.

The first 30 days are the most critical for a fitness goal, in fact for any goal! Because we those changes NOW we start way too big. After a few days, those initial emotions are gone and soon after we give up.

The 30 Day Fitness Challenge is a different approach. You’ll start with a small daily goal and make a commitment to reach it every day. Most days will be easy, but a few will be hard. That’s why this free 30 Day Fitness Challenge also includes a contract with yourself to keep your commitment. It sounds cheesy, but it really works on those more challenging days. The guide also includes a daily Win Tracker. Every day you reach your goal is a win and it’s motivating to keep track as the chain of daily victories grows longer.

You can download your free 30 Day Fitness Guide here. Sadly, some email providers think your new fitness journey is merely spam, so if you don’t see an email from Walking is Fitness check your spam filter.

To maximize this 30 Day Fitness Challenge you’ll also need a Fitbit. If you don’t have one click HERE to check out your options and see my recommendations.

One last thing…fitness motivation is not always easy. Every week I publish a new article with stories, inspiration, and practical suggestions to help you turn your daily steps into a fitness activity with very REAL BENEFITS.

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