Fitness is hard. Sticking with fitness is even harder.

Walking is Fitness is a daily ten-minute walking podcast to help you begin a fitness journey that lasts. Here’s how:

  1. Make a Fitness Promise to walk ten-minutes every day
  2. Download your free 90 Day Fitness Chain Tracker HERE
  3. Start walking every day for ten-minutes while listening to Walking is Fitness. You can sample the five most recent episodes HERE

At the end of 90 days you will have created a new fitness habit that’s building momentum. It’s important to start small and think long. Walking is the perfect activity to begin a fitness journey that lasts.

I’m Dave Paul. I began my intentional pursuit of fitness in 2008. Five years later I got my first Fitbit which threw fuel on my fitness journey. They say, what gets measured gets improved. Seeing how many steps I was walking really did improve what I was doing.

My passion for walking only increased from there. In 2018 I started a blog to motivate others to begin walking for fitness. I added an audio version of my blog posts in 2020. And, then in November 2021, I began the daily ten-minute podcast called Walking is Fitness.

This podcast is recorded while I’m out walking too. It’s like having a walking buddy to give you a little added motivation to keep your fitness promise. There’s a brand new episode every single day.